Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Welcome back to our blog! I have been on a hiatus from posting for the past few years. Life has gotten busier here in San Antonio and it's getting harder and harder to make time for the things I really enjoy doing. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm always on a quest for better health. I see life as one big war and I have to do everything I can be prepared for the next battle. Some sneak attacks can come out of no where, like cancer. Other battles you walk into willingly, see: childbirth. In any case, I need to have my body ready to fight its hardest if and when it needs to!

Gradually, I've grown not to detest running. Do I like it? No way. But I do it. Faithfully. A few times a week because I know my body benefits the vigorous cardio activity. We try to eat as healthy as possible during the week with a few little cheats on the weekends but I still haven't felt like I'm getting enough fuel to really see results from the gym. So, after seeing the awesome before/after photos of my friend Adrianne, I've decided to try the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. (10 day cleanse, 14 days of fat burning and muscle building.) Advocare is  a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance (www.advocare.com). Essentially, I need to know how to fuel my body properly to get the best performance. I love fruits and vegetables so eating them is not a problem but I needed to understand when and were to to place carbs and fats in my diet so they don't result in a pudgy midsection:)

I'm excited to get started on my challenge tomorrow! I'll be checking in periodically to let y'all know my progress. Day one of the cleanse is supposed to be pretty tough: no working out because you're only consuming fruits and vegetables plus your one gallon of water per day and all the green tea you want. (I'm already drinking a gallon of water a day and aside from a few more trips to the potty, it's no big deal!) After that, you eat a balanced amount of fruits, veggies, fats and (low glycemic) carbs. I'll be posting my before and after photos in 24 days!!

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